Addiction Treatment Models

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Are you scared to get help because of painful withdrawal stage? Don’t you have a supportive family to help you through so that you can only choose an outpatient program? Or are you trying to beat addiction with self-help methods you learned on the internet? Recovering from addiction should not be a scary step for you to take. If you want to recover from addiction, there are many addiction treatment models you can choose from.

Although all these treatment models are effective in their own ways, it is still important to find the best model tailored to your needs. There’s no, “one size fits all” in addiction treatment. You can only stop drug use and lead a healthy and drug-free life if your treatment model is specifically tailored to your overall treatment needs.

Addiction Treatment Models

  • Disease Model (1935): This model postulates that addiction is caused by an individual’s abnormal traits and a constitutional disorder. It suggests that an individual must identify and confront the condition and abstain from drugs all his/her life.
  • Moral Model: This model treats addiction as a sinful act which is a conscious choice of addiction caused by spiritual deficit. Treatment consists of spiritual guidance, moral influence and facing the social consequences of addiction like imprisonment and the like.
  • Psychological or Characterological Model: It suggests that addictive personality, poor self-control and low self-esteem are the causes of addiction. The suggested treatment strategies include Psychotherapy and identification and modification of behaviors.
  • Social Education Model: This is an integrative approach that takes into consideration various factors in unearthing the causes of addiction. It suggests that skills deficits, poor coping mechanisms, poor socialization and poor modeling are the primary causes of addiction. Cognitive/Behavioral counseling and appropriate peer modeling are the major players in the treatment of addiction.
  • Temperance Model: This model suggests total abstinence and prohibition of drugs because it asserts that the drug itself is the problem and not the person. The drug is so powerful and destructive that abstaining from it is the only way to treat addiction.

At present, treatment plans will not match perfectly with any of the above models. In most cases, your therapists/addiction counselors will suggest the perfect treatment program for you based on your individual needs. You and your family can also choose the best mode of treatment available. For more information, talk to your addiction counselor today!

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